Rules and Keywords of PKL.

Rules and Keywords of PKL.


The eighth season of the PKL is on its way. Players are giving their contributions to make their team perform better. The game is gaining popularity day by day.  New viewers join every day to watch this nail-biting game. To make them familiar with the rules of this game, we have decided to talk about the rules of the PKL and help them to enjoy the game and feel it in a better way

  1. Do or die raid.

If two consecutive raids of a team go empty then the third raid is called a do or die raid, if a Raider fails to score a point in this raid then he is considered as out even if he is not caught by the defending side.


  • 2. Bonus Point –

When there are six or more defenders on the mat and a Raider touches the bonus line(black coloured) then he will be rewarded with one point even if he does not touch the defender, however, no player will be revived in a Bonus.


  • 3. Super Raid –

If only three or fewer defenders become successful to Grab the raider then the defending team will be rewarded two points (one for tackle and one extra). and this is called a Super tackle.


  • 4. Super raid-

If a Raider manages to touch 3 defenders and then reach on his mat successfully then the raid is called a Super raid. However, no extra points will be rewarded for this, but attempting a super raid is a difficult task.


  • 5 – Super 10-

If a raider scores 10 or more raid points in a single match then it is called a super 10 for the raider. This is considered as an achievement for the Raider like scoring a century is for a batsman in cricket.


  • 6 – High five

If a Defender manages to score 5 points in a match then it is called a high five for him it is as important as taking 5 wickets in cricket for a bowler.


  • 6 – Double-

If a player manages to get super 10 and score a high five in a single match then it is called a double. Mostly all-rounders scores double.


  • 7 – Technical or penalty points –

Besides this few technical or penalty points are also awarded for the team if-

  1. A player or coach coaches Raider and Defender While raid is processing then one point will be rewarded to the opposition.
  2. If a player goes out of bounds(mat) before being in contact with an opponent during the raid the also one point will be awarded to the opposition.


8 Scoring system for a team in the League-

A team gets 5 points for a win and 3 for a draw but if the team loses with a small margin( 7 or less than 7 points) then it gets 1 point instead of being lost in the match.

This is all from today, thanks for reading.

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