British Kabaddi League Europe-BKL information

Kabaddi making a splash in Europe-BKL, British Kabaddi League ready to soar………….

As we all know that without games and sports our life is dull. To make our body charm and to keep our body fit and full of endurance we need to do exercise daily in which we can also include sports.

As many games are famous in the world like most famous Kabaddi, Cricket, Badminton, Football etc. But day by day game Kabaddi is making a splash. This game is famous not only in our country but also popular in other countries.  This is not only enough as it is a state game of more than one state of our nation. To make this game more popular every year our country also organizes the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League. And the current situation is that it is one of the famous Leagues in our country.  By knowing about this League other countries also start to organise their separate Kabaddi Leagues. Currently, Kabaddi takes a major step in Europe with the inaugural British Kabaddi League(BKL) to set to raid the isles early next year.

Let’s discuss its schedule, Host, squads, its players’ nomination, Broadcasting corporation, final venue………..

1} Schedule: As expected that this League will be officially launched in January. The four-leg League is scheduled to start on February 26, 2022.

2) Hosts: This League is jointly hosted by the England Kabaddi Association and the Scotland Kabaddi Association.

3) Squads: The teams vying for the inaugural title include London Lions, Leicester Tigers, Birmingham Warriors, Wolverhampton Wolves, Walsall Kings, Manchester Raiders, Edinburgh Eagles and the British Army.

4) Players Nomination: This will be the first time that this type of League is taking place in Europe and is expected to feature players not only from Great Britain but also from Europe and the rest of the world. Players who make their image in the recent European Championships in Cyprus are expected to contribute to this League. The League sanctioned by world Kabaddi will feature eight men’s teams in its first season. Players selections have already started with all 8 teams currently on the workout for talented British players with international selections to be decided later.

5) Broadcasting Corporation: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to be an official partner of this event. As BBC is televising all the Leagues, So it is expected that BBC will televise this League also in other nations and regions including in India.

6) Final Venue: The final of this League is expected to be held in Glasgow, Scotland in March. This will be the second major event to be hosted in Glasgow having also hosted the inaugural European Championship in 2019.

This is the first time that a major Kabaddi League is being held outside of the sport’s birthplace of India. This is a very good thing for our nation and also a big achievement for our country.

Team Kabaddian wishes all the best to all the teams and team members to complete this League very well.


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