Jaipur Pink Panthers Starting 7 For PKL Season 8 and Final Squad

Jaipur Pink Panthers Starting 7 For PKL Season 8 and Final Squad


Jaipur Pink Panthers One of the oldest team in the Pro Kabaddi League currently led by Arjuna Awardee Indian Captain Deepak Niwas Hooda and coached by Sanjeev Baliyan. After the final squad of Jaipur Pink Panthers, all the players join the pre-season camp of season 8 and practice regularly for PKL Season 8. So lets a look at the final squad of Jaipur Pink panther and the most probable starting 7 of Jaipur for PKL Season 8.

Jaipur Pink Panthers Starting 7 For PKL Season 8 and Final Squad
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Jaipur Pink Panthers Final Squad for PKL Season 8



ARJUN DESHWAL – 96 lakhs.

NAVEEN BAZZAD – 22 lakhs.

AMIT NAGAR – 10 lakhs.

SUSHIL GULIA – 8 lakhs.

MD.AMIN. NOSRATI – 11 lakhs.

AMIR HOSSEIN M. – 10 lakhs.

ASHOK – 10 lakhs.




NITIN RAWAL – 25 lakhs.

SACHIN NARWAL – 8 lakhs.



CHERLATHAN – 20 lakhs.

SANDEEP DHULL – 45 lakhs.

AMIT HOODA – 28 lakhs.

PAVAN T.R – 8 lakhs.

ELAVARASAN A. – 8 lakhs.

VISHAL LATHER – 28 lakhs.

AMIT ASHOK – 10 lakhs.

SHAUL KUMAR – 10 lakhs.





Jaipur Pink Panthers Most Probable Starting 7 For PKL Season 8 –


Center – Deepak Niwas Hooda

Indian Kabaddi Team Captain and one of the best all-rounder in the over a season of Pro Kabaddi League Deepak Niwas Hooda who scored most raid points for Jaipur Pink Panthers from the last two seasons, Deepak Niwas Hooda play at the centre for Jaipur in PKL Season 8.


Left In – Arjun Deshwal

If we talk about left in we saw Arjun Deshwal as a support raider at left in position for Jaipur Pink Panthers. Arjun Deshwal is the third most expensive player in the player’s auction of PKL Season 8.


Right in – Naveen

Naveen who is part of the Haryana Steelers in the last two seasons performed very well in a few matches as a third raider, now part of Jaipur Pink Panther and we saw him as a third raider at right in position for PKL season 8.


Left Corner – Sandeep Dhull

Sandeep Kumar Dhull enjoyed a stellar campaign with Jaipur Pink Panthers in Season VI and has cemented his place as one of the best Left Corners in the game, he scored the most tackle points for Jaipur Pink Panthers from season 6 once again he will play at the left corner position for Jaipur.


Right Corner – Amit Hooda

Ankle hold specialist Amit Hooda, in season 4  he was the second-best defender in the pro-Kabaddi league with part of Jaipur Pink Panthers team will play at Right Corner position in PKL 8 for Jaipur Pink Panthers.


Left Cover – Vishal Lather

Dive Specialist at cover position Vishal lather prove himself as the strongest defender in the previous season in Jaipur Squad, play at left Cover position for Jaipur Jaipur Pink Panthers in PKL Season 8.


Right Cover – Dharmaraj Cheralathan

Dharmaraj Cheralathan is one of the most experienced and oldest players in the Pro Kabaddi League, basically, he will play at Corner mostly left Corner, but we see a knew about Dharmaraj Cheralathan he is able to play every position. In PKL season 4 we saw Dharmaraj Cheralathan playing at the Right Cover position. in Patna Pirates team as a captain and scored most points for Patna.

So Dharmaraj Cheralathan will play at the Right Cover position for Jaipur Pink Panthers in PKL Season 8.


Apart from these starting 7 players  Sushil gulia, Mohammad Amin Nosarati, Amir Hossein, Amit Nagar as a raider, Pawan TR, Amit Ashok, Shaul Kumar, Elvarassan A & Deepak Rajendra Singh as a defender and Nitin Rawal & Sachin Narwal as an all-rounder seen between the matches in form of substitution.

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