Junior world cup 2023 quarter final, Semi Final,final results

Junior world cup 2023 quarter final, Semi Final results

Quarterfinal 01 

  • Iran vs Bangladesh

Iran – 56

Bangladesh – 17
Result – Iran won by 39 points

in the 1st & 2nd editions, Iran reached the semi-finals of the Junior kabaddi World cup. Iran is going to play a semi-final match with Nepal.

Quarterfinal 02

  • Nepal vs Iraq 

Nepal – 64

Iraq – 63

Result – Nepal won by 01 point

Nepal won the quarter-final in the last raid of the match. it was an incredible performance from Nepal as they beat the strong team Iraq in quarter-final 2. in the semi-final they are going to fight with previous edition Champion Iran. this is very positive news for the Kabaddi game in Nepal. Iraq is also taking the kabaddi game seriously. we will see some players from Iraq & Nepal in the upcoming season of Pro Kabaddi.

Quarterfinal 03

  • India vs Chinese Taipei

India – 54

Chinese Taipei – 36

Result –  India won by 18 points

The strongest team from the Junior world cup won by 18 points to reach Semifinal. they beat Chinese Taipei to make their way to the semis. Iran and India are the 2 teams which will be won the 2nd junior World cup in 2023. Indian senior team is unbeaten in the kabaddi world cup. it will be interesting to see who will win the 2nd edition of the Kabaddi world cup.

Quarterfinal 04

  • Pakistan vs Kenya

Pakistan – 56

Kenya – 24

Result –  Pakistan won by 32 points

Pakistan defeated Kenya in the quarter-final to play the semi-final with India. in the previous edition, Kenya defeated Pakistan in the quarter-final this time Pakistan took revenge for that match. Pakistan is going to face India in the 2nd semi-final of the world cup. another India-Pakistan rivalry is going to happen in the 2nd kabaddi world cup.


Junior world cup 2023  Semi-Final results

Semi Final 1

  • Iran vs Nepal

Iran – 60

Nepal – 37

Result –  Iran won by 23 points

previous edition champion Iran once again reached the final of the Junior world cup. Nepal first time reached the semi-final of the Kabaddi world cup. it was not easy for them to beat Strong Iran in the semi. Iran reached the final for 2nd time in the Junior kabaddi world cup. most probably Iran will face India in the final of the kabaddi world cup.

Semi Final 2

  • India vs Pakistan

India – 75

Pakistan – 29

Result – India won by 46 Points

India beat Pakistan in the semi-final of the junior world championship. Pakistan did not give a tough fight to India. as India won against Pakistan over a big margin. India and Iran are both unbeaten in the 2nd world cup. The final of the world cup would be tougher as both strong teams compete for the trophy. Iran is the winner of the 1st junior kabaddi world cup they need to win tomorrow to become champion.


Junior kabaddi world cup 2023  Final results

  • India vs Iran

India – 41

Iran – 32

Result – India won the 2nd Junior Kabaddi world cup in 2023.

Match was very interesting till the last minute. in the last 3 to 5 minutes India did super tackles and gain a margin 0f 5+ points. Both teams’ defence was very strong as compared to the Raiders. but still, India’s raiders played well compared to Iran. Iran’s defence was stronger than India’s. due to some Super Tackles at the moment, India lift the 2nd junior kabaddi world cup.

Match time – 5 PM (Indian Standard Time ), 3 PM ( Iran Standard Time)

Final match Our Verdict –

powerhouses of kabaddi going to play in the final of the 2nd Junior kabaddi world cup. both teams are unbeaten in this tournament. every kabaddi fan is expecting India and Iran will play in the final of the world cup. both teams’ defence is strong as compared to the raiders. in the final team will win which will perform well in their raiding department. both teams won all previous matches by a big margin but, this final will be low scoring with a small margin score difference.

Who will win the junior kabaddi world cup? ( write your prediction in the comment section)

Iran vs India world cup final live score 

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