Kabaddi players who won national sports awards in 2021

Kabaddi players who won national sports awards this year……..

Games and tournaments are inseparable parts of life. Without sports, we cannot imagine our life. To maintain our body healthy and to keep endurance in our body sports requirement is a must. In the world, there are various games which we never heard about them. The names of such famous games are Football, Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi, Baseball, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Tennis etc. Players of these games practice hard to make them perfect in these games.

As we all know human’s nature is that “a person can work when he has some greed” so to boost players performance in their related sports game sports organizers give some gifts and some medals. In every game, the winner gets some trophies. Every year most valuable and key players get some awards from the Indian Government. Some awards names are as follows:

1) Major Dhyanchand Khel Ratna Award

2) Arjun award

3) Dronnacharya award

4) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy

In this year cricket players, kabaddi players, hockey players, chess players, table tennis players get these awards. Let’s discuss the kabaddi players who won get national sports awards this year.

1) Sandeep Narwal: Sandeep Narwal is one of the prominent names in the Indian Kabaddi game and a fan favourite player. He is known as the ‘the beast’ for his strong physique and aggressive style of defending. After starting his career as a pure Corner, Sandeep Narwal worked on his raiding and became one of the most successful all-rounders in the League’s history. His incredible speed and deceptive agility make him difficult to predict when he raids, while his tremendous strength and grit make him a solid defender. He gets Arjun Award this year.

kabaddi players who got award this year
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2) Ashan Kumar: Ashan is an established Kabaddi player and a Coach. Team Puneri Paltan had roped in their new coach, Ashan Kumar, for season 6 of the Pro Kabaddi League. Eventually, his career as a player has also been a glorified one. The athlete is a grade diploma holder in Kabaddi coaching from the national institute of sports. As a player, he had his stints with the national team representing India at international tournaments as a captain. Ashan was the coach of the Haryana team in the 64th Kabaddi Senior Nationals where the team qualified for the semi-finals. He was bestowed with the esteemed Arjuna Award in 1999 by the President of India, Bhim Award in 1994 by Haryana Governor and Bharat Gaurav Award in 1993 by the AKFI President. On 13th November 2021, he is awarded by Dronacharya Award (Lifetime Achievement).

3) Vikas Kumar: He is also a good Kabaddi player and for his major achievements in his Career, on 13th November 2021 he was also awarded by Major Dhyanchand Award (Lifetime Achievement).

Apart from these Kabaddi players, some other game players also received their awards like in Cricket, Hockey, Swimming, Chess, Boxing, Football etc.

Team Kabaddian wishes these players a bright future.


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