pro kabaddi 2022 schedule, pkl 2022 schedule

pro kabaddi 2022 schedule, pkl 2022 schedule

pro kabaddi 2022 schedule, pkl 2022 schedule
pro kabaddi 2022 schedule, pkl 2022 schedule

finally, wait for pkl season 9 schedule is ended now. Mashal sports announced the schedule of pkl 9. Matches will be played at Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. the first match is going to play on 7th October between Dabang Delhi and U Mumba.

in this season matches will be played at 3 locations

7th  October – 26th October 2022 -> Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru

28th October – 8th November 2022 -> Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune 

the remaining schedule is yet to be declared.

on some days we can see triple panga but mostly 2 matches are there.

You can watch live on Star Sports & Hotstar

Match NoTeam 1Team 2Day & DateTime
26Jaipur P PBengal WarriorsTuesday 18th OCT7.30 PM
27Puneri PaltanTelugu TitansTuesday 18th OCT8.30 PM
28UP YoddhaGujrat GiantsWednesday 19th OCT7.30 PM
29Bengaluru BullsTamil ThaliavasWednesday 19th OCT8.30 PM
30U MumbaHaryana SteelersFriday 21th OCT7.30 PM
31Puneri PaltanBengal WarriorsFriday 21th OCT8.30 PM
32Patna PiratesDabang DelhiFriday 21th OCT9.30 PM
33U MumbaBengaluru BullsSaturday 22th OCT7.30 PM
34Jaipur P PTelugu TitansSaturday 22th OCT8.30 PM
35Haryana SteelersGujrat GiantsSaturday 22th OCT9.30 PM
36Bengaluru BullsPatna PiratesSunday 23th OCT7.30 PM
37Tamil ThaliavasUP YoddhaSunday 23th OCT8.30 PM
38Puneri PaltanJaipur P PTuesday 25th OCT7.30 PM
39Telugu TitansHaryana SteelersTuesday 25th OCT8.30 PM
40Gujrat GiantsU MumbaWednesday 26th OCT7.30 PM
41Dabang DelhiBengal WarriorsWednesday 26th OCT8.30 PM
42Tamil ThaliavasJaipur P PFriday 28th OCT7.30 PM
43Haryana SteelersPuneri PaltanFriday 28th OCT8.30 PM
44Patna PiratesUP YoddhaFriday 28th OCT9.30 PM
45Bengaluru BullsDabang DelhiSaturday 29th OCT7.30 PM
46Telugu TitansGujrat GiantsSaturday 29th OCT8.30 PM
47U MumbaBengal WarriorsSaturday 29th OCT9.30 PM
48Bengaluru BullsJaipur P PSunday 30th OCT7.30 PM
49Tamil ThaliavasDabang DelhiSunday 30th OCT8.30 PM
50Patna PiratesGujrat GiantsMonday 31th OCT7.30 PM
51UP YoddhaTelugu TitansMonday 31th OCT8.30 PM
52Puneri PaltanDabang DelhiTuesday 1st NOV7.30 PM
53Bengaluru BullsHaryana SteelersTuesday 1st NOV8.30 PM
54U MumbaTelugu TitansWednesday 2nd NOV7.30 PM
55Bengal WarriorsTamil ThaliavasWednesday 2nd NOV8.30 PM
56U MumbaPatna PiratesFriday 4th NOV7.30 PM
57Dabang DelhiJaipur P PFriday 4th NOV8.30 PM
58Puneri PaltanUP YoddhaFriday 4th NOV9.30 PM
59Bengal WarriorsGujrat GiantsSaturday 5th NOV7.30 PM
60Tamil ThaliavasTelugu TitansSaturday 5th NOV8.30 PM
61Haryana SteelersUP YoddhaSaturday 5th NOV9.30 PM
62Bengaluru BullsGujrat GiantsSunday 6th NOV7.30 PM
63Puneri PaltanTamil ThaliavasSunday 6th NOV8.30 PM
64U MumbaJaipur P PMonday 7th NOV7.30 PM
65Haryana SteelersPatna PiratesMonday 7th NOV8.30 PM
66Bengal WarriorsUP YoddhaTuesday 8th NOV7.30 PM
67Dabang DelhiTelugu TitansTuesday 8th NOV8.30 PM
68Bengaluru BullsHaryana SteelersWednesdays 9th NOV7.30 PM
69Tamil ThaliavasPuneri PaltanWednesdays 9th NOV8.30 PM
70UP YoddhaHaryana SteelersFriday 11th NOV7.30 PM
71U MumbaPuneri PaltanFriday 11th NOV8.30 PM
72Patna PiratesJaipur P PFriday 11th NOV9.30 PM
73Bengal WarriorsGujrat GiantsSaturday 12th NOV7.30 PM
74Telugu TitansUP YoddhaSaturday 12th NOV8.30 PM
75Jaipur P PDabang DelhiSaturday 12th NOV9.30 PM
76U MumbaPatna PiratesSunday 13th NOV7.30 PM
77Tamil ThaliavasBengaluru BullsSunday 13th NOV8.30 PM
78Bengal WarriorsPuneri PaltanMonday 14th NOV7.30 PM
79Gujrat GiantsHaryana SteelersMonday 14th NOV8.30 PM
80Jaipur P PU MumbaTuesday 15th NOV7.30 PM
81Telugu TitansBengaluru BullsTuesday 15th NOV8.30 PM
82Tamil ThaliavasPatna PiratesWednesday 16th NOV7.30 PM
83Dabang DelhiUP YoddhaWednesday 16th NOV8.30 PM
84Puneri PaltanHaryana SteelersFriday 18th NOV7.30 PM
85Bengal WarriorsTelugu TitansFriday 18th NOV8.30 PM
86Gujrat GiantsBengaluru BullsFriday 18th NOV9.30 PM
87UP YoddhaJaipur P PSaturday 19th NOV7.30 PM
88Telugu TitansU MumbaSaturday 19th NOV8.30 PM
89Dabang DelhiPatna PiratesSaturday 19th NOV9.30 PM
90Haryana SteelersDabang DelhiSunday 20th NOV7.30 PM
91Bengaluru BullsPuneri PaltanSunday 20th NOV8.30 PM
92Bengal WarriorsTamil ThaliavasMonday 21th NOV7.30 PM
93UP YoddhaGujrat GiantsMonday 21th NOV8.30 PM
94U MumbaTamil ThaliavasTuesday 22th NOV7.30 PM
95Telugu TitansPatna PiratesTuesday 22th NOV8.30 PM
96Jaipur P PPuneri PaltanWednesday 23th NOV7.30 PM
97Bengal WarriorsBengaluru BullsWednesday 23th NOV8.30 PM
98Gujrat GiantsDabang DelhiFriday 25th NOV7.30 PM
99Jaipur P PTamil ThaliavasFriday 25th NOV8.30 PM
100Haryana SteelersPatna PiratesFriday 25th NOV9.30 PM
101U MumbaBengal WarriorsSaturday 26th NOV7.30 PM
102Puneri PaltanTelugu TitansSaturday 26th NOV8.30 PM
103UP YoddhaPatna PiratesSaturday 26th NOV9.30 PM
105Tamil ThaliavasGujrat GiantsSunday 27th NOV7.30 PM
106Dabang DelhiBengaluru BullsSunday 27th NOV8.30 PM
107UP YoddhaBengal WarriorsMonday 28th NOV7.30 PM
108Telugu TitansJaipur P PMonday 28th NOV8.30 PM
109Puneri PaltanGujrat GiantsTuesday 29th NOV7.30 PM
110Haryana SteelersU MumbaTuesday 29th NOV8.30 PM
111Bengaluru BullsJaipur P PWednesday 30th NOV7.30 PM
112Dabang DelhiTamil ThaliavasWednesday 30th NOV8.30 PM
113UP YoddhaU MumbaFriday 2nd December7.30 PM
114Patna PiratesGujrat GiantsFriday 2nd December8.30 PM
115Haryana SteelersBengal WarriorsFriday 2nd December9.30 PM
116Dabang DelhiPuneri PaltanSaturday 3rd December7.30 PM
117Telugu TitansTamil ThaliavasSaturday 3rd December8.30 PM
118Jaipur P PBengal WarriorsSaturday 3rd December9.30 PM
119U MumbaGujrat GiantsSunday 4th December7.30 PM
120Bengaluru BullsUP YoddhaSunday 4th December8.30 PM
121Puneri PaltanPatna PiratesMonday 5th December7.30 PM
122Jaipur P PHaryana SteelersMonday 5th December8.30 PM
123U MumbaDabang DelhiTuesday 6th December7.30 PM
124Gujrat GiantsTelugu TitansTuesday 6th December8.30 PM
125Patna PiratesBengaluru BullsWednesday 7th December7.30 PM
126Tamil ThaliavasUP YoddhaWednesday 7th December8.30 PM
127Bengal WarriorsDabang DelhiThursday 8th Dec7.30 PM
128Haryana SteelersTelugu TitansThursday 8th Dec8.30 PM
129Gujrat GiantsJaipur P PFriday 9th Dec7.30 PM
130Puneri PaltanUP YoddhaFriday 9th Dec8.30 PM
131Bengaluru BullsU MumbaSaturday 10th Dec7.30 PM
132Tamil ThaliavasHaryana SteelersSaturday 10th Dec8.30 PM
133Patna PiratesBengal WarriorsSaturday 10th Dec9.30 PM
134Eliminator 1Tuesday 13th Dec7.30 PM
135Eliminator 2Tuesday 13th Dec8.30 PM
136Semi Final 1Thursday 15th Dec7.30 PM
137Semi Final 2Thursday 15th Dec8.30 PM
138FinalSaturday 17th Dec7.30 PM


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