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in our childhood, everyone played sports almost daily. we played many types of sports Cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. some of us dreamed to become sports players but in earlier days it was not easy to become a sports person, especially in India. In current days sports are not only for fitness or entertainment. In 2020 Indian sports media market was $ 1 Billion in 2020 and it will reach up to $14 Billion in 2027. It is now one of the growing industries in the world.

now many young minds taking sports as a career over others. Football, Basketball, Tennis, and cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. the sports industry is now becoming better day by day. The number of aspiring sports players is also increasing day by day.

Injury is a nightmare for any sportsperson. it will create many problems for sports players. not every sports player is financially stable in their initial days. so what they will do after the injury? so in this post, we will try to cover the best insurance for sports players

Best Sports player’s insurance

List of types of sports insurance

  • Bajaj Finserv Sports Fitness injury Cover

in this fitness injury-related cover of Bajaj Finserv, you will get cover up to Rs. 2 Lakh. for this policy premium is affordable it is only Rs 499.

what is covered in this policy?

  1. personal Comprehensive accident cover of Up to Rs. 2 Lakh
  2. Medical Expenses – up to 2 Lakh Rs for medical expenses for sports-related injuries

what is not covered in this policy?

  1. Age below 18 and above 70 are not eligible for this policy
  2. Accidents should be caused due to sports or fitness activities other injuries are not covered in this policy
  3. Accidents due to self-inflicted injuries are not covered in this policy

How to apply for this policy

  1. Click on this Link
  2. Click on Buy Now button and fill the form with basic details
  3. confirm application with OTP received on your mobile
  4. You can pay the premium by – debit/credit, UPI, mobile wallet, or any online payment services

How to raise a claim 

Contact details

Email – [email protected]

Toll-Free Number – 1800-209-1021


  • Oriental Insurance – Sports Insurance Policy

This is a comprehensive cover for amateur sports people covering sporting equipment, personal effects, legal liability and personal accident risks

what is covered in this policy?

  • loss or damage to sports equipment, accessories & sporting apparel
  • Loss or damage to personal effects and clothing caused by fire, burglary, housebreaking or theft
  • Accidental body injury to the sports players during playing or practising  sport

what is not covered in this policy?

  • Breaking of cricket bats, rackets, Angling Lines
  • Loss or damage arises due to war, nuclear pill

Oriental Insurance Website


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