top 5 emerging raiders in pkl 10

top 5 emerging raiders in pkl 10

top 5 emerging raiders in pkl 10
top 5 emerging raiders in pkl 10

every season of Pkl we see young players emerge as good players. This season, some young players are performing exceptionally well and leading their teams to victory. A Zafardanesh, Nitin Kumar and M Sudhakar are some players from that list. in this post, we will see some emerging players’ details. in every season some new players become star players of Kabaddi and Pro Kabaddi.

Amirmohammad Zafardanesh – U Mumba

A young raider from Iran is performing well in this season. recently he played for Iran in International tournaments. He was part of the Junior World Cup, Asian Kabaddi Championship, and Asian Games. after seeing his performance U Mumba bought him for Season 10. he is doing well in this tournament as scored 54 raid points in 6 Matches. he is in the 8th position of the top 10 raiders of pkl 10.

Nitin Kumar – Bengal Warriors

The young raider from Bengal Warriors is doing well this season. Bengal bought Shrikant Jadhav as a support raider for Maninder Singh. Nitin is doing the job of support raider for Mainder Singh. he scored 46 raid points in 6 matches. in every match, he is scoring an average of 7 raid points for the Bengal Warriors. If he continues to play like this then it would benefit Bengal Warriors.

M Sudhakar – Patna Pirates

M Sudhakar is already a star player from South India. He has 190k followers on Instagram. He is a player of the PalayaNallur Kabaddi club. after getting a chance he is doing well for the Patna Pirates. he scored 39 raid points in 5 matches. he is doing his job as a support raider for Sachin Tanwar. he is also getting change in starting 7 of Patna Pirates. his speed and Dubki skill differentiate him from other raiders. if he continues to do his job then it would be beneficial for the Patna Pirates.

Shivam Patare – Haryana Steelers

Haryana signed Shivam as an NYP player for PKL 10. now he is showing why Haryana signed him as NYP for this season. He participated in many big tournaments.  he is a local club teammate of Aslam Inamdar. recently he played in the YKS for the Ahmadnagar team. Shivam is playing instead of Siddarth Desai so from that he is a capable player. if he gets a chance in the starting 7 then he will continue to do his job.

Visvanth V – U-Mumba

another player from U-Mumba is on this list. U Mumba signed him as an NYP Player for this season. He scored 21 raid points in 6 matches. he scored points in some crucial places where U Mumba needed points. U Mumba has main raider Guman Singh. If support raiders played well then it would be beneficial for the U Mumba.

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