U Mumba starting 7 prediction

U Mumba starting 7 prediction

U Mumba made changes in its management and team. Sohail Chandhok is the new CEO of U Mumba. This is the first time they have been assigned three coaches for the upcoming Pro Kabaddi season. they have experienced Defence and young raiders. U Mumba bought 3 Iranian raiders in the auction. they have more options in this season to try different combinations in the starting 7.

U Mumba starting 7

Girish Ernak

Rinku Sharma

Surinder Singh

Mahender Singh

Guman Singh

Jai Bhagwan

Alireza Mirzaein

Girish Ernak – Left Corner

Experienced local Mumbai players will be the Right Corner of U Mumba. Girish Ernak is an experienced defender in the Pro Kabaddi league. He can handle the captaincy of U Mumba. He is the most experienced player in the U-Mumba squad. His solo tackles and dash skills can restrict opponents’ raiders. he is 4th Defender with the most tackle points in all Pro Kabaddi seasons.

Rinku Sharma – Right Corner

U Mumba retained Rinku from the previous season. In the previous season, he played 19 matches and scored 59 tackle points. he is the 6th defender with the most tackle points. both corners of U Mumba are strengths of defence. Rinku and Girish will be key defenders for the opponent’s Raiders.

Surinder Singh – Right Cover

previous year’s captain Surinder Singh will continue to play as Right Cover. Surinder always plays an aggressive game. He is well known for advanced tackles. sometimes his aggressive tackle creates problems for him and his team. but still, he improved his patience in the previous season.

Mahender Singh – Left Cover

U Mumba bought Mahender Singh in this auction. after the addition of Mahender U Mumbas cover position became stronger. Mahender and Surinder are the best covers and they will make Defence stronger. all 4 defenders are best so the Defence of U Mumba is stronger in this season.

Guman Singh – Center ( Left Raider )

U Mumba again shows their Confidence in Guman Singh. as they bought Guman Singh in Auction. U Mumbas raiding is mostly dependent on Guman Singh. He will be a key player in the raiding department. they have many raiders in their squad so they have many options with the raiders. if Guman performs well in the upcoming season then it will make Raiding stronger.

Jai Bhagwan – Right In ( Right Raider )

Junior World Cup star raider Jai Bhagwan will also be in the starting 7. he will support Guman Singh in the raiding department. he can easily score 5 to 6 raid points in each match to support the main raider.

Alireza Mirzaein – Left In ( Right Raider )

star Iranian raider who played in the Junior World Cup, as well as Asian games, will be part of the starting 7. After a practice camp, he will be part of starting 7.

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