jaya nigam kabaddi player real story, photo.is Panga flop?

Jaya Nigam kabaddi player real story

Jaya Nigam kabaddi player real story. Jaya Nigam is a name of the character in panga movie. Kangana Ranaut played the role of Jaya Nigam in Panga movie. Panga movie is a story of kabaddi player who comeback in a game after a big span. panga movie also focused on the real struggle of Women’s sports player.

jaya nigam kabaddi player real story. jaya nigam real photo
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in this movie, Kangana Ranaut played the role of women kabaddi player. Jaya Nigam is shown as a national kabaddi player in the movie. she performing outstandingly in kabaddi at the national level. her sports life was good until her marriage. she married a Prashant Shrivastava who works in a company. Prashant Shrivastava is a husband of Jaya Nigam. after their marriage, Jaya got a job in railway department through sports quota. after marriage, she completely goes away from kabaddi.

after some years from her marriage, she gave birth to a baby. now after the birth of her son, she got busy in her family. during this time she forgets about her sports career. she works at Indian railway as a Ticket issuer. she did not get time after her job.

Jaya Nigam kabaddi player biography

Jaya Nigam son Aditya had a thought to restart his mother’s kabaddi career. Aditya asked a question to his father can anyone comeback at the age of 32. Aditya first convinced his father to restart kabaddi career of his mother. but it was not easy for Jaya to restart her kabaddi career. she first needs to select for kabaddi camp. she also needs to shift to another city for kabaddi camp. it was difficult to shift without family.

her friend meenu also helped her for a comeback. Reecha chadda played the role of Meenu in Panga. after her selection in National kabaddi camp, she did not get enough chances to play. Due to her age coaches did not consider her. in the final match, she got a chance to play. she performed extremely well in that final match. because of her performance, India won the trophy.

is Jaya Nigam real kabaddi player

Jaya Nigam is a fictitious character. Jaya Nigam is Not a real kabaddi player. Jaya Nigam kabaddi player real story is not available. Because It’s film character, not real life. for panga movie Kangana, Ranaut did training of kabaddi for 1 month. female players shown in the movie some are national-level kabaddi players. one important point there is in a movie about women sports player that very few continue to play sport after marriage. not every family supports a career in sports, especially for women player. this is the first movie on kabaddi sport.

after pro kabaddi league Kabaddi sport got huge popularity. many young athletes want to pursue a career in kabaddi sport. both boys and girls kabaddi players choosing kabaddi as their career. Pro Kabaddi league is a franchise-based kabaddi league just like IPL.

the star cast of Panga Movie

  •  Kangana Ranaut as Jaya Nigam 
  • Jassi Gill as Prashant Shrivastava (husband)
  • Richa chadda as meenu
  • Neena Gupta as Jaya’s mother
  • Yagya Bhasin as Aditya Nigam (son of Jaya Nigam)
  • Directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Jaya Nigam Real Photo

Jaya Nigam is Not a real kabaddi player. The character of Jaya Nigam is created for the panga movie. there is no Jaya Nigam in the history of Indian women kabaddi. so there is no real photo of Jaya Nigam available with us.

Panga Movie Budget

The budget of the panga movie was 30 crores. panga movie was successful because it got revenue of 50 + crores. panga movie inspires many players to do a career in sports. Kangana Ranaut played the role of Jaya Nigam was outstanding. supporting actors also did quite well.


is Panga movie successful or flop

The total budget for the panga movie was 30 crores INR. according to reports, panga movie revenue crosses approximately 50 crores. so you can find out a movie is successful or flop.

you can watch panga on Hotstar App

if you are curious about Jaya Nigam kabaddi player real story then you can watch it on Hotstar app.


Story of panga Movie

Panga movie is a story of kabaddi player Jaya Nigam. this movie is about the struggle of Jaya Nigam to restart her kabaddi career after a long time span. how she faced all challenges and played for the country is interesting to watch.

Jaya Nigam Husband (Prashant Sachdeva), her son (Adi), Jaya Nigam friend meenu helped her to again play for the country. The comeback was not easy for Jaya Nigam as there is a big gap between her practice after marriage.


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