Patna Pirates mistakes in final of PKL 8

The 8th season of the Pro Kabaddi League ended on 25th February. The season was very successful as all the players and coaches give their full contribution for their terms. The finale was played on 25th February 2022, the match was played between the most successful franchise of the PKL Patna pirates and the best team of this year Dabang Delhi KC. Till the first half, it seemed that it will be very easy for Patna to lift the Trophy of the PKL 4th time. But in the second half, the team committed some un-avoidable mistakes to lose the final and Dabang Delhi won the thriller by giving their best performance in the second half, especially Vijay Malik and Navin Kumar played a brilliant hand in the last to change the momentum of the match

Let’s talk about some mistakes that were committed by Patna in the second half: –

  1. Substitute blunder – Ram Mehar Singh is considered one of the best coaches in the PKL, but he made a big mistake during the finale when there were 6 minutes left in the match. Patna pirates coach took a big decision to make 5 substitutes. With this decision both the main raiders of Patna including Sachin Tanwar, Guman Singh was out Although the team had an all-rounder like Monu Kumar, Prashant rai’s exit from the mate played a crucial role and Patna started lagging, Vijay Malik made another super raid to put Delhi ahead and such that a simple mistake from the coach Ram Mehar Singh made Patna remain as a runner-up team.


  1. Technical points – When the match was in its second half Patna pirates made a big mistake which was related to Revival. There is a rule in the kabaddi “The sequence is followed in reviving the players is the same as the sequence by which they became out of the mat. But Patna pirates during the Revival mistakenly sent another player. This was the breaking of the law of Kabaddi and because of this Delhi were rewarded with one technical point, this one point also played a crucial part in the loss of Patna pirates.


  1. Over excitement – During the first half, the Patna defenders looked calm and patient. But in the second half, the defenders tried to be more aggressive and this became the major reason for Delhi’s lead Vijay Malik grabbed the opportunity and took two consecutive super raids.

Pro Kabaddi 2022 Top Raiders

Although Patna Pirates made some mistakes also, these were the major ones that helped Dabang Delhi K.C. to lift their first title.


However, Patna pirates is a champion team and the coach Ram Mehar Singh knows very well about his players and their players. They will learn from the mistakes, especially how to hold nerves in pressure situations and play carefully, The players will work hard to lift the trophy in the PKL season 9


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