PKL 9 semi final 1 winner prediction, starting 7

PKL 9 semi final 1 winner prediction, starting 7

PKL season 9 Playoffs ended on 13 December.  In the first Eliminator match,  Bengaluru bulls defeated dabang Delhi with a huge margin of 32 points (final score 56-24). Bharat and Vikas Kandola scored super 10s. Bharat scored 15 points and Vikas Kandola scored 13 points. Saurabh Nandal scored a high 5. Delhi’s performance was a complete failure, Only Naveen Kumar scored 8 points, and the rest failed completely. After this match, the teams to play the semi-final -1 are decided.


PKL 9 semi final 1 winner prediction, starting 7
PKL 9 semi-final 1 winner prediction, starting 7



Jaipur Pinks Panthers –

Jaipur Pink Panthers has been a great unit this season. They have used all their player in the most productive way and remained as Table toppers.

Arjun Deshwal is enjoying his best form of life. In league matches, he scored 286 points in 228 successful raids in 22 matches including 17 super 10s, with an average of 13 points per match. Not only he is the best raider in his team but also the best raider in the league.

Rahul Chaudhary had a good comeback after past horrible seasons.

V Ajith Kumar has also been a good performer. He scored 84 points in 19 matches, including 2 super 10s.

Ankush has been the most successful defender of season 9 and owns the second most tackle points this season. Ankush scored 81 points in 77 successful tackles(4 super tackles ) and a tackle success rate of 62%. Ankush scored 8 highs 5’s.

Captain Sunil Kumar scored 58 tackle points in 21 matches including 3 high 5s and 2 super tackles.

– Right-cover defender Sahul Kumar scored 44 points in 22 matches including 2 high 5s and 3 super tackles.

– Iranian Defender Riza Mirbagheri performed well in the past few matches, he scored 30 tackle points in 14 games.

Possible Starting 7 Jaipur Pinks Panthers –

  1. Arjun Deshwal – Raider
  2. Rahul Chaudhary – Raider
  3. V Ajith Kumar – Raider
  4. Ankush – Defender – Left corner
  5. Sunil Kumar – Defender
  6. Sahul Kumar – Defender – Right Corner
  7. Riza Mirbagheri – Defender

Who will pkl 9 demi final 1

Bengaluru Bulls:-

Bengaluru Bulls won eliminator 1 to qualify for semi-final 1.

Bharat has been the star raider for the Bulls. He is the second-highest scorer this season. He scored 272 points in 215 successful raids(10 super raids), including 16 super 10s. He scored 15 points in the critical Eliminator match.

Vikas Kandola is the second prominent raider on his side. He scored 134 points in 23 matches including 4 super 10s. He scored 13 points in the recent playoff match.

Neeraj Narwal is enjoying the most successful season of his career. In the 23 league matches, he scored 111 points including 2 super 10s.

Captain Mahendra Singh has done a good job in the defence department. He scored 45 tackle points in 22 matches including a high 5 and 3 super tackles.

Saurabh nandal can be regarded as the best Indian defender of current times. He is scoring 50+ tackle points in the last 3 seasons for the Bengaluru bulls( his first and only team). He scored 56 points in his debut season (season 7), and 69 in the next season. In the current season, he scored 68 points in 23 matches including 3 highs 5’s and 3 super tackles.

Aman has shown good form this season as well. In the 23 matches, he scored 56 points including 3 high 5s and 3 super tackles.

Ponparthiban Subramanian has been playing for the last 3 matches as a prominent defender and scored 11 points. In the eliminator, he scored a high 5 (total of 7 points).

Probable Starting 7 –

  1. Bharat – Raider
  2. Vikas Kandola – Raider
  3. Neeraj Narwal – Raider
  4. Mahender Singh – Defender – Left cover
  5. Saurabh Nandal – Defender – Left corner
  6. Aman – Defender – Left corner
  7. Ponparthiban subramanian – Defender

Strengths and Weaknesses of teams and possible winners –

Both the teams have a very strong defence. Bengaluru Bulls have a strong raiding department, However Jaipur has star raiders like Arjun Deshwal and V Ajith Kumar, but no other raider performed much better, while Bengaluru raiders have performed equally likely and a lot more teamwork was seen.

In the group stages, Bengaluru won the first match while Jaipur won the second. However, Jaipur were the table toppers but Bengaluru seems to be a more balanced side and they are more probable candidates to play the finale.

What if Semi-final goes for a tie:-

If the semi-final ends in a tie then the breaker will be played.

Here are the rules for tie-breaker:-

  •  5 raids per team.
  • Both teams field 7 players.
  • The team that raids first in the match raids first in the tie-breaker.
  • The Baulk line becomes the baulk+bonus line.
  • No out or revival. Only points scored will count
  •  5 different raiders to raid as per pre-decided order.

So it would be a fantastic match as both the teams have a strong squad, especially the defence department. The match will start at 7:30 PM on 15 December and will be live on Star sports network and Disney plus Hotstar.

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