Tamil Thalaivas Starting 7 and Final Squad for PKL Season 8


Tamil Thalaivas has not been able to do much in a single season of pro kabaddi league despite such big and experienced players. Tamil thalaivas has mostly lasted on the league table in all seasons. In PKL season 8 Tamil releases all big players and renewed their squad for PKL season 8. The team that includes final players are ready for rivals. Tamil Thalaivas are scheduled to take panga on the opening day of pro kabaddi league season 8 after the rival of Bengaluru and Umumba with Telugu Titans. Most of the players in Tamil thalaivas is young and new gems so let a look at the new Thalaivas and most probable starting 7 for PKL season 8.

Tamil Thalaivas Starting 7 and Final Squad for PKL Season 8
Tamil Thalaivas Starting 7 and Final Squad for PKL Season 8


Tamil Thalaivas Final Squad For PKL Season 8 –


for tamil thalaivas


MANJEET DAHIYA – 92 lakhs.

K PRAPANJAN – 71 lakhs.

BHAVANI RAJPUT – 10 lakhs.

AJINKYA ASHOK PAWAR – 19.50 lakhs.

ATHUL MS – 30 lakhs.




ANWAR SAHEED BABA  – 10 lakhs.



SAGAR B KRISHNA – 10 lakhs.



PO SURJEET SINGH – 75 lakhs.

MD TUHIN TARAFDER  – 10 lakhs.

HIMANSHU – 8 lakhs.

M ABHISEKH – 8 lakhs.

SAGAR – 8 lakhs.

SAHIL – 10 lakhs.







Tamil Thalaivas Most Probable Starting 7 For PKL Season 8 –


Centre – K Prapanjan

K Prapanjan a Tamil raider performed very well last season for Bengal warriors first time he is selected for his home team Tamil Thalaivas and he will play as the main raider for Tamil in PKL season 8.


Right In – Manjeet 

Manjeet Dahiya a long slim raider who debut in the pro kabaddi league with Patna pirates and he scores 8 points only three points less than his captain and also perform very well in the previous season scored 155 points. Manjeet dahiya also show his performance in the 69th senior nationals now he will play at right in position for Tamil thalaivas in pkl season 8 he also has mastery in diving thigh hold at right in position.


Left In – Athul MS

Athul Ms debut in the pro kabaddi league in season 4 but he has been a valuable asset to the teams he has featured for since his debut in Season 6 he was a specialist in bonus and running hand touch and he will play at left in position for Tamil thalaivas In pkl season 8.


Right Cover – Surjeet Singh

Dash specialist Surjeet Singh captain of Tamil thalaivas was the most successful Cover defender in Season 7 with 63 tackle points and in Season 5 he had the joint-most number of High 5s among all the defenders now he will play at right cover position for Tamil thalaivas in pkl season 8.


Left Cover – M. Abhisekh

M Abhisekh was retained by Tamil before the PKL auction basically he is a right to cover defender but we can see him with surjeet Singh at the left cover position in the pre-seasons camp and he is also suitable on the left cover so we can see M Abhisekh play at left cover position in PKL season 8 for Tamil thalaivas.


Right Corner – Sagar

Right corner defender Sagar debut in pro kabaddi in season 7 in the Tamil team and in a few matches he scored much and also he was the defender of the match so the most probable chance is Sagar play at right corner position in starting of matches for Tamil thalaivas in pkl season 8


Left Corner – Sagar B Krishna

Sagar B Krishna play very few matches for Puneri Paltan in the last 2 seasons in this he is part of Tamil thalaivas and he will play at the left corner position for Tamil in PKL season 8.


Apart from these starting 7 players, Tamil Thalaivas lines up with gems Bhavani Rajput, Ajinkya Pawar & Himanshu which is attacking names and Himanshu, Mohammad Tuhin Tarafdeer, Sahil, Mohit, Ashish & Sahil Gulia which are defending names and with some powerful all-rounders Anwar Saheed Baba, Sourabh Patil & Santhapanselvam under the guidance of coach J Uday Kumar.

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