Tamil Thalaivas starting 7 prediction

Tamil Thalaivas starting 7 prediction

in the previous edition,  Tamil Thalaivas reached the Semi-Finals. after the arrival of Coach Ashan Kumar Younger Thalaivas performed well. they have Retained players from their previous season’s squad. in this auction, they bought local talent instead of bigger names. in this season Tamil Thalaivas will be a strong contestant for the Trophy.

Right Corner – Sagar

Sagar is a key player in Tamil Thalaiva’s defence. Tamil Thalaivas retained him from the previous year. in the previous season, he scored 53 tackle points in 17 Matches. in the crucial matches, Sagar is a key player who tackles star raiders.

Left Corner – Sahil Gulia

Sahil Gulia will be a Left corner this season. he played well in the previous season for Thalaivas. Other left-corner position players are not as experienced as compared to Sahil Gulia. both corner duo will perform better in this season.

Left Cover – Mohit

Tamil Thaliavas will start their season with the previous year’s cover combination. in this season they have an option with them for covers but will start with Mohit. other cover defenders are new players as compared to Mohit. so he will be the first option as a left cover

Right Cover – M Abhishek

M Abhishek will continue to play as a Right Cover this season. his crucial aggressive tackles will make the defence stronger. Mohit and Abhishek Duo will be the cover duo this season.

Ajinky Pawar – Raider

Ajinkya Pawar will handle raiding with the Narender. He is the most experienced raider in the team. he has earned points in a crucial situation. his performance in this season will decide Thalaivas’s performance in this season.

Narender – Raider

Narender was a star raider for Thalaiavas in the previous season. along with Ajinkya, he will be a key player for Thalaivas raiding. Narender and Ajinkya will be the key raiders for the Thalaivas.

K Selvamani – Raider

K selvamani is a experienced raider. he has played for many franchises in the Pro Kabaddi League. he has not played in the last 2 seasons of PKL. if he performs well in the 10th season, he will continue to play in the starting 7.

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