Biography of Sandeep Dhull

Name:   Sandeep Dhull

D.O.B.:  10th February 1996

Height:  175 cm

Current Team: Jaipur Pink Panthers

Position: Defender

Biography of Sandeep Dhull
Biography of Sandeep Dhull


Sandeep Kumar Dhull is a well-known and talented left corner defender. He was born on February 10, 1996, in the Haryana district of Kaithai, to the Jat family. His friends, teammates, and loved ones have given him the nickname Baachi. Sandeep has been a Kabaddi fan since he was a child, and he first stepped onto the mat at the age of ten. He was very vigilant from the start, trying to learn as much as he could from his inspiration and icon, Joginder Narwal. He was a big fan of Narwal’s ankle hold and worked hard to master it so he could add it to his arsenal.

He has been a member of the Jaipur Pink Panthers since season 6 of the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League and will be back for season 8 in 2021. Sandeep has accomplished a great deal in a short period of time by establishing his name and performance in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Sandeep Dhull’s Early Life:

Sandeep was born into a sports-loving family in Haryana’s Kaithai district. He lived in a region where Kabaddi was the only sport practised. Sandeep began playing Kabaddi at the age of ten after his school’s sports teacher encouraged him to participate in school games.

He began practising the sport on a daily basis at his school and on a local field. Sandeep admired Joginder Narwal’s defending abilities, particularly his signature ankle hold. Soon after, he began representing his school in district and state competitions, and at the age of 18, he was selected for the Haryana state team.

He had many national-level accomplishments, which helped him get elected to the Indian junior Kabaddi camp and, later, the senior camp. Dabang Delhi purchased him in season 3 of the PKL for his defending abilities.

Sandeep Dhull’s Kabaddi Career:

Sandeep graduated from Kurukshetra University. His coach, Shri Rajbir Singh, is his greatest strength, and he maintains a good relationship with him to this day. He was the one who recognized Sandeep’s unique ability for quick movement and reflexes, which were ideal for a corner defender. He pushed him to be the best player he could be, and he kept him motivated even when he was injured.

His talent and performances in college earned him a spot at Junior National Indian Camp. Later, he advanced and was selected to the Inter Senior National Indian Camp, where he was able to demonstrate his true potential in Kabaddi. Sandeep was always the game’s youngest and best-left corner defender, whose performance exhilarated both the players and the fans.

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Sandeep Dhull Pro Kabaddi Career:

Sandeep made his Pro Kabaddi Season 3 debut for Dabang Delhi in a match between Delhi and Jaipur. He made a fantastic debut in this match and later in the season, scoring 32 points in 10 games played (which is a pretty successful tally for a young corner defender).

Throughout the season, he was the lone warrior in the shaky Delhi defence. In season 4, he joined the Telugu Titans and teamed up with Sandeep Narwal to form an unbeatable right-left corner combo. He had his career-best performance in his first match, scoring 8 tackle points in 9 attempts. He is a quick learner, which allows him to defend effectively against his opponents by anticipating their moves and acting instinctively.

Sandeep is known for his aggressive nature on the field, which has caused him some difficulty over the years in his career, as he went unsold in Season 5 despite an exceptional performance in Season 4 in which he scored 35 points from 12 matches due to some issues. But his love for Kabaddi helped him rediscover his true potential and keep his name alive as one of the best-left corner defenders who put his heart and soul into his game.

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He returned to the Pro Kabaddi League for Season 6 with the Jaipur Pink Panthers. The Pink Panthers signed him for Rs 66 lakhs, one of the highest sums ever paid for a young left corner defender at the time, and he was retained in Season 7. In season 6, he earned 67 points from 22 matches. Despite improving his performances and earning 74 points from 22 matches in Season 7, he was unable to lead the Panthers to the playoffs.

Sandeep, as a player, always adhered to strict disciplinary principles and avoided numerous injuries. His distinct defending style makes him a constant threat on the mat. There is no doubt that this prodigy will earn accolades for his teams and the recognition he deserves in the future. He is a true asset to the sport of Kabaddi and, if properly groomed, could be one of the Indian team’s future left corners.

Sandeep Dhull Abilities:

Sandeep demonstrated vicious strength with moves like the back hold, chain tackle, and diving knee hold. His main weapon, however, is his ankle hold, which he uses to dispatch a slew of ferocious raiders. He has honed his ankle hold to the point where he, like Surender Nada, could be called an ankle hold specialist.




Sandeep Dhull Stats:

#Raiding CareerTackling Career
Matches Played8888
Total Raids/Tackle10487
Raid/Tackle Points03254
Avg. Time on Mat (%)63.2367.41
Avg. Out Rate (%)26.9251.02
Avg. Strike Rate (%)19.2355.42
Effective Points/ Avg. Success Assists (%)-373

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