Kabaddi Rules : A TO Z Kabaddi Rules in English.

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Kabaddi rules and regulations a to z in english
Kabaddi rules and regulations a to z in English –Pro kabaddi

kabaddi rules and regulations – Court.

The playing area on which the match is played is known as Court Area. The Size of the Court is 13 * 10 Metres.

(This may differ in different tournaments such as local and world cup. The court of this size are used in Pro Kabaddi.)

Kabaddi Rules
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Pre-Match kabaddi rules and regulations.

1. There are two halves of 20- 20 Minutes with a Five Minute Break.

(Due to the last raid of the halves, the time can extend up to the end of that raid).

2. Each team can take 2 timeouts of 30 seconds in each half.

3. Both the team have 12 Players on their Squad and 7 of them play in the starting seven whereas the other 5 players could be used as substitutes.

(Substitutes can not replace a suspended player or player out of the Court. Substitutes can only replace the players playing on the court).

4. As the sport of Kabaddi is dangerous sometimes, some local tournaments are held on Category by Weight.

(In Pro Kabaddi, A Player is allowed to play if his weight is not more than 85 Kgs. If a player’s weight is more than 85 Kg, then he will not play the whole season).

5. Before the Start of the Match, A Coin Toss happens. The Captain who won the toss decides to raid first in the first half or in the second half.

(Both the team have to exchange their places {sides} after the interval).

rules of kabaddi during the Match.


1. The Raider has to go to the opponent’s Side and have to touch the player and return to their side to make a point.

(The Raider gets one point for touching one player, 2 points for touching 2 players, etc).

2. The Raider should continuously repeat “Kabaddi-Kabaddi” on the mat without taking any breathe, If he stops saying this for a moment, he will consider out and the opponent gets one point.

(The Raider should cross the Baulk line to Make the Raid Valid).

3. The Raider can also get a point if he crosses the bonus line with one leg on the mat and one in the air.

(Raider will also get the bonus point if he gets a bonus and gets out after that and there is no revival for Bonus Point).

4. The Raider goes and sits on the sitting block after getting out and revived the order as they get out.

(Raider is given a time of 30 Secs to complete the raid).

 Defending / Tackle

1. The Team which is not raiding is defending that time. Their duty is to not give a point and caught him.

2. Defending Team gets one point to catch the raider. The defender who touches the raider the very first time in the raid gets the point in his account.

(If there are 3 or less than 3 defenders on the mat then if the raider is caught The team and the defender gets 2 points. This Condition is Known as Super Tackle).

3. The Defender can only catch the limbs and torso of the Raider. He is not allowed to catch his hair, clothes or any other points. If the Defender does this the opposition gets one Technical Point.

The team gets 2 points extra when there team gets all out. In the Last, the team whose points are more is announced as the winner and if both teams has same number of points then it is a tie.

Warning Cards

1. Continuously protesting the Umpires and Referee’s Decision.

2. Intentionally hurting a player.

3. Catching the raider with the help of scissors shaped by legs.

4. Coach giving tips to the raider while raiding.

5. Preventing the raider to take his turn in the raid.

 Green Card

It is Just an initial warning to the player to not repeat his mistake.

  Yellow Card

2 Mins Suspension to the Player and a technical point to the opposition.

  Red Card

1 Technical point to the opposition and suspension to the player for the rest of the match and the team has to play the rest match with the remaining Players.


There are two Referees, 2 Umpires, 1 Scorer and 2 Assistant Scorers in a Match.

(The judgement of the umpires is final but the referee can give his decision if there is a disagreement between the 2 umpires.).

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