Pro Kabaddi : Most Points in a Single Match

Pro Kabaddi has given massive Entertainment to their fans over the years. Raiders and defenders both try to give their 100% in the game. In Kabaddi, We often hear Commentators speaking a Super 10 in Kabaddi is equal to a century in Cricket. But Sometimes Raiders extends their limits and score points beyond our imagination. So, In today’s post, We are going to know about Most Points in a Match Pro Kabaddi.

Most Points in a Match Pro Kabaddi.
Pawan Sehrawat’s 39 Points against Haryana Steelers.

Most Points in a Match Pro Kabaddi.

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#5. Rishank Devadiga – 28 Points.

In Season 5, Rishank devadiga scored 28 Raid points in one match against Jaipur Pink Panthers on the league stage. He helped his team UP Yodhha to win a one-sided game by 52-32. At the time, it was the highest score in one match by beating the records of Pardeep Narwal & Kashiling Adake’s 24 Points Records. In that match, the permanent Captain of Up Yodhha “Nitin Tomar” was not in the Condition to play the match and Rishank was the captain of the team and he handles his responsibilities very well. In a Post Match Confession, he said this –

The coach gave me the responsibility and I knew winning tonight’s match was extremely important. I played according to the demands of the match.

#4. Rohit Kumar – 30 Points.

In the Same Season after some Matches, Rohit Kumar breaks Rishank Records against rishank’s team. He attempted 31 Raids and Scored 32 Raid Points. In that Match, Bengaluru Bulls were tackled only 3 times and the main reason behind this was Rohit Kumar because he was doing raids repeatedly. Bengaluru Bulls beat Up Yodhha by 64-24 in that match. Rohit Kumar had also scored 2 tackle points in that Match.

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pkl highest raid points in a single match

#3. Pardeep Narwal – 34 Points.

History repeats itself once again. This Time Pardeep has come to break Rohit’s Records by taking 34 Points. It was playoffs where Haryana was in the driving seat but Pardeep has other ideas. he blasts and helps Patna to win the game by 69-30. In this Match, Pardeep also takes 8 Points in one raid which is the highest in all. Monu Goyat also scored a super 10 in this match and helped Pardeep.

#2. Pardeep Narwal – 34 Points.

Pardeep Narwal again scores 34 Points in a match of season 7 against Bengal Warriors and helped Patna to beat Bengal by 69-41 in the final league stage match of season 7. Patna was in no tension as they were already out of the race. So, Pardeep has the full licence to play in his own style and he also does so. In this match, he also crossed 300 points raid mark in that season.

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most raid points in a match

#1. Pawan Sehrawat – 39 Points.

In today’s post titled “Most Points in a Match Pro Kabaddi.” the man who is bringing his name on the top is Pawan Sehrawat. In a match of season 7 against Haryana steelers, Pawan breaks pardeep record’s of 34 Points by scoring 39 points in a single Match. He helped Bengaluru to beat Haryana by 59-36 in Panchkula and helped his team to qualify for the playoffs. This was the first time in history that a player scored all the raid points of his team on his own means 100%. The record of Pawan is still on the top and no one has broken it to date.

At the End: Most Points in a Match Pro Kabaddi.

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