Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Schedule 2021

The Pro Kabaddi League 2021-2022 season will begin on December 22, 2021. Fans can now watch their favourite kabaddi players in action LIVE on Star Sports and Disney+ Hotstar. The multi-city venue will be avoided for the eighth season of the PKL 2021 because of the COVID-19 restriction. All-Pro Kabaddi League 2021 Season 8 games will be played sans spectators at the Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Centre.

All participants must congregate at this location alone. COVID-19 protection standards required by the government will also be observed, and professional agencies have been hired to ensure the league’s safety and hygiene. Throughout the season, a biosecure bubble will be maintained, and comprehensive testing will be performed to assure the greatest degree of safety.

The first half of Season 8 will be broadcast on December 22nd, 2021 at 7:30 PM. The entire season will take place in the Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Centre, with no supporters allowed. U Mumba will face Bengaluru Bulls in the first game of the PKL Season 8 competition. The “Southern Derby” will next take centre stage, with Telugu Titans facing Tamil Thalaivas in the second match and UP Yoddha facing reigning champions Bengal Warriors in the last game of the first day.

A new format called ‘Triple Headers’ is featured in the eighth season of the Pro Kabaddi League. Three matches will be contested on the first four days of the Pro Kabaddi League, and every Saturday will be treated as a Triple Header. Rest will be provided during the day, as well doubleheaders.

Schedule for Pro Kabaddi Season 8:

Date DayMatchTime
22nd DecemberWednesdayBengaluru Bulls vs. U. Mumba07:30 PM
22nd DecemberWednesdayTelugu Titans vs. Tamil Thalaivas08:30 PM
22nd DecemberWednesdayBengal Warriors vs. U.P. Yoddha09:30 PM
23rd DecemberThursdayGujarat Giants vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers07:30 PM
23rd DecemberThursdayDabang Delhi vs. Puneri Paltan08:30 PM
23rd DecemberThursdayHaryana Steelers vs. Patna Pirates09:30 PM
24th DecemberFridayU Mumba vs. Dabang Delhi07:30 PM
24th DecemberFridayTamil Thalaivas vs. Bengaluru Bulls08:30 PM
24th DecemberFridayBengal Warriors vs. Gujarat Giants09:30 PM
25th DecemberSaturdayPatna Pirates vs. U.P. Yoddha07:30 PM
25th DecemberSaturdayPuneri Paltan vs. Telugu Titans08:30 PM
25th DecemberSaturdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs. Haryana Steelers09:30 PM
26th DecemberSundayGujarat Giants vs. Dabang Delhi07:30 PM
26th DecemberSundayBengaluru Bulls vs. Bengal Warriors08:30 PM
27th DecemberMondayTamil Thalaivas vs. U Mumba07:30 PM
27th DecemberMondayU.P. Yoddha vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers08:30 PM
28th DecemberTuesdayPuneri Paltan vs. Patna Pirates07:30 PM
28th DecemberTuesdayTelugu Titans vs. Haryana Steelers08:30 PM
29th DecemberWednesdayDabang Delhi vs. Bengal Warriors07:30 PM
29th DecemberWednesdayU.P. Yoddha vs. Gujarat Giants08:30 PM
30thThursdayHaryana Steelers vs. Bengaluru Bulls07:30 PM
30thThursdayTamil Thalaivas vs. Puneri Paltan08:30 PM
31stFridayPatna Pirates vs. Bengal Warriors07:30 PM
31stFridayU Mumba vs. U.P. Yoddha08:30 PM
01stSaturdayBengaluru Bulls vs. Telugu Titans07:30 PM
01stSaturdayDabang Delhi vs. Tamil Thalaivas08:30 PM
02ndSundayGujarat Giants vs. Haryana Steelers07:30 PM
02ndSundayPuneri Paltan vs. Bengaluru Bulls08:30 PM
03rdMondayBengal Warriors vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers07:30 PM
03rdMondayTelugu Titans vs. Patna Pirates08:30 PM
04thTuesdayHaryana Steelers vs. U Mumba07:30 PM
04thTuesdayU.P. Yoddha vs. Tamil Thalaivas08:30 PM
05thWednesdayPuneri Paltan vs. Gujarat Giants07:30 PM
05thWednesdayDabang Delhi vs. Telugu Titans08:30 PM
06thThursdayPatna Pirates vs. Tamil Thalaivas07:30 PM
06thThursdayBengaluru Bulls vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers08:30 PM
07thFridayBengal Warriors vs. Haryana Steelers07:30 PM
07thFridayJaipur Pink Panthers vs. Puneri Paltan08:30 PM
08thSaturdayU.P. Yoddha vs. Dabang Delhi07:30 PM
08thSaturdayU Mumba vs. Telugu Titans08:30 PM
08thSaturdayGujarat Giants vs. Patna Pirates09:30 PM
09thSunday Puneri Paltan vs. Bengal Warriors07:30 PM
09thSundayBengaluru Bulls vs. U.P. Yoddha08:30 PM
10thMondayTamil Thalaivas vs. Haryana Steelers07:30 PM
10thMondayJaipur Pink Panthers vs. Dabang Delhi08:30 PM
11thTuesdayPatna Pirates vs. U Mumba07:30 PM
11thTuesdayTelugu Titans vs. Gujarat Giants08:30 PM
12thWednesdayHaryana Steelers vs. U.P. Yoddha07:30 PM
12thWednesdayDabang Delhi vs. Bengaluru Bulls08:30 PM
13thThursdayBengal Warriors vs. Tamil Thalaivas07:30 PM
13thThursdayU Mumba vs. Puneri Paltan08:30 PM
14thFridayJaipur Pink Panthers vs. Patna Pirates07:30 PM
14thFridayGujarat Giants vs. Bengaluru Bulls08:30 PM
15thSaturdayHaryana Steelers vs. Dabang Delhi07:30 PM
15thSaturdayU.P. Yoddha vs. Telugu Titans08:30 PM
15THSaturdayU Mumba vs. Bengal Warriors09:30 PM
16thSundayTamil Thaliavas vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers07:30 PM
16thSundayPatna Pirates vs. Bengaluru Bulls08:30 PM
17thMondayPuneri Paltan vs. U.P. Yoddha07:30 PM
17thMondayTelugu Titans vs. Bengal Warriors08:30 PM
18thTuesdayDabang Delhi vs. Patna Pirates07:30 PM
18thTuesdayGujarat Giants vs. U Mumba08:30 PM
19thWednesdayHaryana Steelers vs. Puneri Paltan07:30 PM
19thWednesdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs. Telugu Titans08:30 PM
20thThursdayTamil Thalaivas vs. Gujarat Giants07:30 PM
20thThursdayTBC vs. TBC08:30 PM