Biography of Sukesh Hegde

Full Name: Sukesh Hegde

Nationality: Indian

Role:            Raider

Team:          Bengal Warriors

Sukhesh Hegde kabaddi
Sukhesh Hegde kabaddi


Sukesh Hegde is a Karnataka-born Indian Kabaddi player. The raider, who is 28 years old, was born on October 2nd, 1989. Sukesh is 5’9″ tall and possesses the ideal body for a contact sport. The raider is a member of the Bengal Warriors, who bought him for 20 lakh during Season 7 of Pro Kabaddi.


Sukesh was born on October 2, 1989, in Karnataka, India, to a low-income household. His family came from a humble background, and no one in his ancestry was a sportsperson. He began playing kabaddi with his pals when he was a child. Sukesh’s raiding abilities astounded his friends. Soon after, he began professional training, but he ran into numerous financial difficulties in the early stages of his career. He couldn’t train because he didn’t have the right equipment. After years of battling in state and local tournaments, he was ultimately selected for the Telegu Titans for the first PKL season.

Rise to Glory:

Sukesh spent four years in the Pro Kabaddi League, playing for the Telugu Titans. He quickly established himself as the team’s poster boy and was instrumental in its success. Hegde is a Mangalore native who is known for his humility. In PKL Season 5, which was also the franchise’s debut season, he was the captain of the Gujarat Fortunegiants.

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Sukesh Hegde Pro Kabaddi:

After qualifying for the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League, he embarked on a professional career. He was signed by Telegu Titans in the first PKL season and put up an incredible performance, collecting his greatest raid score ever in the league with 79 raid points and 4 tackle points in 14 games, including three Super Raids.

For the next four seasons in the PKL, he stayed with the squad. He had 62 raid points and 2 tackle points in 13 games with 5 Super Raids during his second season. He had a solid season, scoring 61 raid points and 3 tackle points in 13 games for the second year in a row.

In the fourth PKL season, he had his worst year. In nine games, he only managed to score 7 raid points. He was released by the Titans and signed by the Gujarat Fortune Giants in the fifth season. In 18 games with the Giants, he had an incredible season, scoring 75 raid points and 2 tackle points. In the sixth season, the Tamil Thalaivas selectors were drawn to him because of his consistent raid performance and role as the team’s primary raider. He scored 78 raid points and 3 tackle points in 16 games for the Thalaivas this season. He was signed by the Bengal Warriors for the seventh season, and he scored 63 points in 16 games.

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Hegde had only played district and state-level kabaddi before joining the Pro Kabaddi League. He scored 295 points in 67 games, which is a fantastic achievement.

Sukesh Hegde Pro Kabaddi Stats:

Matches Played




Total Raids


Raid Points451


Avg. Time on Mat (%)40.07


Avg. Out Rate (%)23.72


Avg. Strike Rate (%)43.99


Effective Points288


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