pro kabaddi 8 start date, pkl 8 start date

Hey Guys we know that you all are waiting for news regarding the pro kabaddi 8 start date. so we have gathered the information for you.
We know all Kabaddi fans are eagerly waiting for the pro kabaddi season 8 from the year 2020.
As we know we hadn’t seen a big Kabaddi match like the pro kabaddi match or any international match from nearly the last 2 years so it is our mindset to see pro kabaddi every year so it increases our patience.

Effect of corona wave on pro kabaddi

Corona Virus Pandemic affect the pro kabaddi in 2020 and have been postponed to 2021 but the 2nd wave of the pandemic hardly affect the starting of pro kabaddi Season-8 because pro kabaddi is a 3-month tournament which is held every year between the months of July and September.
As Kabaddi is a contact sport is likely to pose challenges for the authorities to conduct the tournament in this pandemic. Players and fans on the other hand are itching for the sport to begin again.

Pro Kabaddi Organisers made all the preparations for the pro kabaddi auction 2021 in the month of may but unfortunately, it was postponed because of Covid-19 second wave so a rumour was spreading that pro kabaddi season 8 will start in the month of July but it was only a rumour not officially announced the news and it increases our expectations for pkl-8 starting so we are continuously working to find out the official news about a pkl-8 starting date. We have talked to many Kabaddi Experts, players, coaches, management but someone said pkl-8 starting soon and someone said pkl-8 is not possible in 2021 so by this review and our expert’s knowledge we concluded the starting date review.

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Pardeep Narwal(courtesy -Star Sports)

Pro kabaddi 8 start date information

As we in the month of September IPL India’s most popular league will start and after that in October ICC World T-20 Championship will be held so this window has been closed for pkl 8. because IPL and Pkl have the same broadcasting partner (Star Sports) so as Pro Kabaddi League Commissioner Anupam Goswami Ji Said That Pro Kabaddi Season-8 Will Held In 2021 at any cost. so Pkl organisers will Start preparations for pkl-8 starting so according to sources pro kabaddi league season-8 auction will hold in the month of july-august (before IPL) and team camps will start between August to October (along with IPL) and after that, there is another problem that is Indian Super League.

but as we know Pro Kabaddi League is the second most popular league in India so Star Sports And Mashal Sports will have been wanted that PKL will start along with ISL because PKL gives more viewership and benefit than ISL because of its popularity and its unexpected await so we can say that Probably Pro Kabaddi Season-8 Will starts in November-December Window if Covid-19 third wave can’t come or we can say that if Covid-19 will be in control and all condition will be normal.

So Pro Kabaddi Fans Waiting Will be ending very soon so be excited and pray that covid-19 will not affect our excitation expectations and happiness.


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