how to become a pro kabaddi player

how to become a pro kabaddi player

if you want to become a pro kabaddi player then you should read this article. Pro Kabaddi League started in 2014 with a big revolution in the sport of Kabaddi. After 7 seasons of the pro kabaddi league, it became 2nd popular sports league in India. Pro Kabaddi League totally changed the kabaddi sport in India as well outside India also. in season 1 highest-paid player got approximately 12 Lakhs INR Rs. and in season 7 highest-paid player received 1.4 crores INR Rs. from these statistics you can find out the success of PKL. how to join pro kabaddi? if you want an answer to this question then please read this article

weight limit for pro kabaddi – there is not any limit but try to keep it below the 80 KG

age limit for kabaddi – you can play kabaddi at any age. if your fitness is good then you can play kabaddi at any age. Dharmaraj Cherlathan is 40+ still he is playing in PKL. there is not any specific maximum age for kabaddi. pro kabaddi selection age – you need to start playing kabaddi at a young age so that it will be beneficial for you.

how to become a pro kabaddi player
how to become a pro kabaddi player

How to Become a Pro kabaddi Player/Pro Kabaddi Selection Process/how to play in pro kabaddi leage

you can be selected in the pro kabaddi league in 2 ways

how to become a kabaddi player after 12th

  1. Future Kabaddi Heroes Program (age limit 18-22)
  2. performance in Senior National Kabaddi Championship 
  3. International matches Performance (for International Players)

Age Limit – 18 to 22 Years

Weight Limit – Below 85 KG

future kabaddi heroes is a program for young kabaddi players to be selected in Pro Kabaddi League. every kabaddi player who fulfils the age limit and weight criteria can  Register for the FKH program. Mashal Sports arranged the FKH program in the big cities of India.

there are 3 steps in the FKH program first 2 steps are for the selection process. in 3rd process selected players from rounds 1 and 2 get trained to become good kabaddi players.

Step – 1

in this step, the technical and physical abilities of players are tested by coaches. individual marks are given to players according to their skills. long jump, running etc. physical skills are tested in this step of all participants. top performers from this step get entry in Step 2.

Step – 2

this step is tougher than step 1. more skills are tested in this step 2 than in step 1. you have to show your raiding and defence skills in this step. teams are formed in this step and in the team, there will be matches to test skills of raiding and defence of players. this step is the final step of selection who get entry in the next step got hard training to shape their kabaddi skills.

Step – 3

in this step all players who cleared the first 2 steps to get training to increase their skills. one month training camp was arranged for all selected players. selected players get mentally and physically trained in a 1-month camp. coaches focus to improve skills like agility, Strength, Coordination, Endurance etc. of players.

players also get the opportunity to learn new skills from kabaddi videos. players also get training in the gym for increasing stamina and strength.

after successfully completing 3 steps of the FKH program players get entry into PKL Auction. in the PKL auction all players from the FKH program are tagged as NYP(New Young Players). Franchise choose players who they think can perform well in PKL.

star Pro Kabaddi players from the FKH program

  • Surinder Singh
  • Naveen Kumar Goyat
  • Nitesh Kumar
  • Rohit Gulia


  • Performance in Senior National Kabaddi Championship

Players who performed well in the Senior national kabaddi championship also get entry in the Auction of Pro Kabaddi. FKH program is for young players and from senior nationals, they select experienced players. Ruturaj Koravi performed well in senior nationals and is a part of the national champion Maharashtra team. in the next auction after senior national Gujrat Fortunegiants select him.

if you performed well in Senior National Kabaddi Championship you will get entry into the Auction. In the Auction Franchise which wants to select you will be bid for you.


  • Performance in International matches (For International Players)

if you are from outside India then you can also play Pro Kabaddi League. Mashal Sports who are owners of Pro Kabaddi League also wants to make Pro Kabaddi Famous outside India. so there are many star pro kabaddi players who are from Outside India. Players like Jang Kun Lee, Fazel Atrachali, Abhozar meghani are star PKL players from Outside India.

if you performed well in your country level (National Level) kabaddi matches then also you can get entry in the Auction of Pro kabaddi League. if you performed well In international matches like Asian games, kabaddi world cup, South Asian Games, Kabaddi Master then also you will get a chance in Auction.



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