Biography of Mahendra Rajput

Mahendra Rajput kabaddi
Mahendra Rajput kabaddi

Full Name:      Mahendra Rajput

Date of Birth:  05th April 1990

Nationality:     Indian

Role:                Raider

Team:              Gujarat Giants


Mahendra Rajput is an Indian Kabaddi professional who was born on April 5, 1990, in Maharashtra, India. Mahendra is a raider for Gujarat Fortunegiants, a squad that competes in India’s prominent Pro Kabaddi tournament.

Mahendra is a seasoned raider who has proven himself with the Bengal Warriors. He is taller than most others and exploits his height to his advantage. He has saved his team several times and is a reliable player.

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Mahendra made his Bengal Warriors debut in season 2 in 2015. His time with Bengal lasted till the fourth season of the Pro Kabaddi League.

Early Life:

Mahendra was born in the Maharashtra hamlet of Dhule in a middle-class household to Ganesh Rajput (father). He was an avid cricket fan who competed in several state-level tournaments before being forced to retire due to financial difficulties. Mahendra started working at a young age to help his family’s finances. Coach Jitu Thakre introduced him to the kabaddi sport and encouraged him to participate because of his tall stature. Mahendra began training for the sport as a way to pass the time. He practised athletics day and night, despite being an unscholarly student. It was tough for him to practice and work. Because of kabaddi, he was unable to pass the Board Exam often. Soon after, he was chosen for the Maharashtra state squad and went on to represent the state at the national level.

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Rise to Glory:

Mahendra was never in the spotlight at first because he wasn’t a regular on the squad and his efforts were overshadowed by the veterans. However, he was skilled and resilient, and when Sukesh Hegde left the squad, Mahendra seized the chance. The Maharashtra player has appeared in 49 Pro Kabaddi League games. He has a total of 165 points, 152 of which are raid points. Mahendra has completed 329 raids with a 34.65% success rate. He has six super raids and two super tens. The gifted raider has also scored 14 points in a single game.

Mahendra Rajput Pro Kabaddi Career:

Mahendra was acquired by Bengal Warriors during the first PKL season and remained with the team for the next three seasons. He had 21 raid points in 8 games this season. In the second season of the PKL, he gained 55 raid points in 12 matches, including three Super Raids and two Super 10’s. He was primarily benched throughout the third and fourth seasons, scoring a total of 26 points in each. In the fifth season, he was released by the Bengal Warriors due to his poor performance, although he was afterwards acquired by the Gujarat Fortune Giants.

Coach Manpreet Singh saw Mahendra’s talent and strength and brought him in for the season. In his fifth season with the Giants, he emerged as a game-changer. During the season, he set an all-time high in raid points with 57 in 17 matches and three Super Raids. Mahendra stayed with the squad for the next season, scoring 28 raid points in 13 games, including three Super Raids. He gained national attention after scoring a 7-point attack against U Mumba. He did not appear in the seventh season of PKL. He will be representing the Gujarat Fortune Giants in the eighth edition of the PKL.

Mahendra Rajput Pro Kabaddi Stats:

StatsRaiding CareerTackling Career
Matches Played7676
Total Raid and Tackle43474
Raid and Tackle Points19931
Avg. Time on Mat (%)19.6419.51
Avg. Out Rate (%)32.2750.73
Avg. Strike Rate (%)46.7141.79
Effective Points / Avg. Success Assists (%)7309

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